Mar 2, 2009

When Should Your Baby Wear Shoes?

There is actually a bit of controversy about this
question. Some pediatricians recommend that your
baby not wear shoes until at least 15 months of age.
Others feel that a child should start to wear shoes
as soon as they're walking.

Why should your baby wear shoes?

You have to consider where your baby is walking. If they are cruising around your own home, then there is usually no need for shoes. But what about outdoors? Obviously you wouldn't want your child running around barefoot on cement or in the dirt. Babies should be wearing a firm shoe in this case to prevent injuries (and dirty socks).

Shoes are also protection from sunburn, cold weather, scratches and bumps. Plus they are just way too darn cute! Just make sure that when your baby has the opportunity to go barefoot, take their shoes off. And don't keep shoes on for too long at a time.

What kind of shoes should your baby wear?

If you do purchase outdoor shoes for your baby, make sure they fit properly. Their tiny toes should not be cramped. Also, make sure they are flexible enough that their feet can still wiggle in them.

After hearing so many moms rave about Robeez footware, I decided to check them out for myself. I absolutely love them. These little shoes are the closest thing to your baby going barefoot, but with the protection they need from cold floors or rough surfaces outside. They also provide better grip on smooth surfaces, like a kitchen floor. They're also great because they're the only shoe I've found that actually stays on my baby's feet.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it's for the best interest of your child. Don't make them wear shoes all the time for the sake of looking cute. Barefoot is best at home, and when they are outdoors, make sure they have a soft sole for the most natural fit.

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