Mar 21, 2009

Top Tips For a Happy Baby Bath

You always need to be gentle when washing your baby. Here are a few tips that may help you learn the basics of washing an infant. Making sure that the water is not too hot, put your baby in the water very carefully making sure that his or her ears are not underwater. There should not be too much water in the sink or tub you wash your baby in.

After soaking baby's washcloth in the bath water with a little bit of mild baby soap, ring it out and use it to gently wipe your baby all over. Beware that using bubble bath or harsh soaps containing perfumes in your baby's bathwater may cause rashes so it is best to avoid them. Using a few drops of baby oil in the water will help keep your baby's skin soft. When washing your baby, make sure to wipe the head and neck, behind both ears, and between fingers and toes. Be sure to always support your baby's head while he or she is in the tub.

Although it is not necessary to bathe your baby daily, you should still clean the face, diaper area, or any other spot on their body that becomes soiled by wiping gently with water and a soft washcloth. You only really need to wash your baby's scalp about once or twice a week with a mild baby shampoo. Every other day it is fine to wash your baby with just water and a soft cloth.

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