Feb 18, 2009

Simple Step By Step Procedure To Changing A Baby's Diaper

Change your baby's diaper in a safe, sturdy place. In fact, I you should create a permanent diaper-changing area equipped with everything you need close at hand. Diaper changing tables are generally ok, but a lot of them wobble, and you don't have access to a sink. If you don't want to pay the money to buy a changing table, use your bathroom counter (if it's long enough). Set up the bathroom counter by removing all your makeup, cologne, or whatever may be in the way, and put it somewhere else. You don't want anything close at hand that your little one can grab and pop into an eager mouth.

Put a clean towel down as a cushion, and set aside one of the drawers that's close at hand for all your diaper-changing paraphernalia: diapers, butt-wipes, ointment, and so on. Be sure to include gadgets and toys to keep your baby's mind off the actual diaper-changing process. Mobiles are great to hang over your changing station.

This bathroom sink setup is a great alternative to changing tables. You have at least one wall to keep things secure so that baby doesn't fall off, and you have a sink in which to wash diaper bottoms that are truly messy from those explosive diapers - when those tiny little baby wipes just won't do the job.

If you want to be really careful, you can buy straps and side bars to turn your bathroom counter into a changing table. Also, consider your child on a changing table just like you do the ocean or a class of kindergartners: Never turn your back on them. Always leave one hand on a child who's on the changing table.

Changing a diaper is not like brain surgery, but there are some similarities. Both are delicate procedures in dealing with sensitive body parts - just at opposite ends of the body. Both can be very messy, both take special tools and equipment, and it would be nice if you used a mask for both - although when it comes to diaper changing, we seldom take the time to put one on. The only difference is that brain surgeons get paid a lot of money and parents don't. And once an operation is finished, the brain surgeon doesn't have to go back and do it over and over and over again.

1. Open and unfold the new diaper. Lay the baby wearing his used diaper on top of a new diaper.

2. Unfasten the used diaper: If it's a boy baby, open just a little bit at first because air tends to make a baby want to go right then and there.

3. Gather the baby's feet and lift. Remove the dirty diaper, wad it up, and dispose of it.

4. Gently Clean your baby.

5. Gently lower your baby onto the new diaper.

6. Fasten the diaper securely on the baby while saying something cute to make him feel all warm and fuzzy.

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